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Mr.Green is a Multi-Business Entrepreneur and Former Career Technical Student Organization State President from Savannah, Georgia. Mr. Green is a respected and experienced state and community leader. He has the proven ability to establish positive relationships with students, community members, political leaders and business professionals across the country.


At the tender age of twelve, Mr. Green established his first business. He was inspired to become a business owner to help support his family as they, like so many others, struggled to make ends meet. Although, he started the business when he was young, his creativity has cultivated what is now an award winning business. Mr.Green is the CEO and Founder of MiQuan Green Enterprises. After 10 years in business, MGreen Productions, MGreen Staffing, and MGreen Creative isone the most successful and well respected companies in the state of Georgia. Under Mr. Green’s ownership, it has been recognized as one of Georgia Public Broadcasting’s Best Businesses in Georgia.


Mr.Green is the recipient of several national awards. Additionally he has received congratulatory letters from President Barack Obama, Governor Nathan Deal, Governor Brian Kemp and several national, state, and community leaders for his entrepreneurial accomplishments  and success in his businesses.


Mr.Green believes in fostering the hidden potential of the next generation. He actively travels across the country motivating and inspiring students, teachers, and business professionals to realize their dreams of success in their education, business pursuits, and their personal lives. Inspiring others to live their best life is something Mr.Green is implementing across the nation.

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