MGP Studios (MGreen Productions,LLC) was founded in 2012 by Mr. MiQuan Green at the tender age of 12 years old. MGreen Productions principal office is located in Savannah, Georgia.


The mission of MGreen Productions, LLC is to provide high quality results as we are committed to providing each client with value and satisfaction. Our goal is to become the leading photography, video production, and marketing company in the state of Georgia, utilizing the latest technology to shift market share from competitors to MGreen Productions. We also plan to become a world class production company.


MGreen Productions,LLC uses the latest technology to provide photography, video production, and marketing services. We are in business to take photos of events such as weddings, baby showers, galas, parties, photo shoots, and even film events. MGP will contract to do full commercial marketing. MGP plans to offer printing services. Services are not limited to Savannah, Georgia and MGP will travel around the country in the years to come.

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MiQuan is the CEO and Founder of MGreen Productions, LLC and after 6 years in business MGreen Productions is now one of the most successful photography companies in the Savannah area. His company has even won business of the year award. He has been recognized by local News Stations for excellent achievements in the school and community arenas. MiQuan is currently the Journalism Editor at his school. and has also served on the Savannah Chatham County Youth Council. He is also a talented musician and has won several songwriting and performing contests at the Young Songwriters Savannah Folk Music Festival.  


MiQuan never stops working, as he formally served as the State President of the Georgia State Association of Family Career & Community Leaders of America(FCCLA). This organization is going places that members and advisors would have never imagined. Ensuring that students are inspired to live there best life at a young age is something MiQuan is passionate about and is proactively  implementing it across our great state. 


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